Watch for Turtles on EPIC’s Newest Trail

The Turtle Trail is EPIC’s latest addition to the Breezy Loop Trail. The Turtle Trail trailhead can be accessed at the Potomac Pony Club grounds at 19301 Bucklodge Road across from Moore Road in Boyds, MD.

The Turtle Trail signposts are marked alphabetically from “A” to “H” in the bottom right corner of each sign patch so as not to confuse the rider with the Breezy Loop sign patches which are numerically marked.

The Turtle Trail is so named because of its proximity to the site of a box turtle habitat relocation effort by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and landowner (and EPIC co-founder) Mike Rubin. Part of the environmental mitigation program related to the Intercounty Connector (ICC) was the relocation and study of box turtles. As their habitat along the path of the ICC is being destroyed, the HSUS was tasked 2½ years ago with capturing and moving as many of these creatures as possible. The plan was to move the population to a new, safe locale and then sequester them for a period of time, then release. Two large pens were constructed, turtles placed therein, and now, two years later, they’ve been released with GPS locators implanted.

Please be careful not to step on a turtle as you ride through. (Box turtles like to rest in the middle of trails!)

Turtle Trail adds a quiet, shady 15 minutes more to your Breezy Loop ride.

There are a few log jumps along the way. This trail lies on low ground so it may be closed in the rainy season.