ACTION ALERT: Oppose Sunday Hunting

March 3, 2015—Sunday hunting is continuing to spread across the state, on a county-by-county basis. Even if you already have some Sundays in your county when hunting is allowed, you may see efforts to add more Sundays. The Maryland General Assembly is now considering several bills that would allow for hunting on private and, in some cases, designated public land in numerous counties.

The bills that are currently scheduled for hearings (more could come) are SB 117/HB 285 (Caroline & Dorchester), hearing on House bill is 3/4; HB 411 (adding an additional Sunday for bow hunting in numerous southern Maryland and Eastern Shore counties), hearing is 2/25; HB 414 (adding Sundays statewide during the bow hunting season), hearing is 2/25 You can find the complete texts of the proposed HERE. Just type in the bill number in the “Find Legislation by Bill Number” box at the top of the page.As advocates for equestrian land conservation in Montgomery County and preserving the right of horseback riders to participate in outdoor recreation on least one weekend day per week without concern for adverse interactions with hunters, EPIC Montgomery opposes any bill that allows for Sunday hunting.We need you to contact the members of the Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee and the House Environmental and Transportation Committee and tell them you are OPPOSED to Sunday Hunting on private and public land. Even if you don’t live in one of the currently affected counties, the Committee members who will be voting on this bill will pay particular attention to you if they are from your county. Let them know how you feel about Sunday hunting anywhere in the state. Click HERE for the contact information of the Senate committee members and HERE for the House committee members.