Planning Board Decision Favors Developer Despite Public Outcry

SEPTEMBER 14, 2015—EPIC testimony and your many emails and testimony were largely ignored by the Montgomery County Planning Board when, during its public hearing on September 3, 2015, the Board discarded its 2010 requirement that the developer of the Greentree Farm subdivision establish a trail easement and grant EPIC the right to maintain it. This decision and the process followed at the hearing raise serious questions and concerns about the Board’s public process.

The hearing was called to determine whether the plat and covenant submitted by the law firm representing Greentree Farm’s developer were consistent with condition #3 of the Planning Board approval of the subdivision in 2010. The Planning Board unanimously approved the plat and covenant submitted by the developer, with a minor amendment. The requests by EPIC and the testimony of and emails from many equestrians that the plat and covenant be denied were, for the most part, not taken into consideration by the Board.

barnesville oak greentree farm trailThis Planning Board decision leaves only the historic portions of the trail (approximately 50% of the required easement), from Whites Store road near Bucklodge Road to Peach Tree Road, open to riders. (Click map at left for enlargement.)

Concerns remain regarding the process adopted by the Planning Board and the future maintenance and overall integrity of the trail. Stay tuned for more on this issue.